The Stress Breather Workshop

Discover how to build skills & cultivate a routine that will help you turn down your response to daily stress
Discover how to build skills & cultivate a routine that will help you turn down your response to daily stress

Join Me Inside This EXPERIENCE And Get Access To...

A guided, curated experience to help you start building stress-reducing routine you can practice with minimal time and during everyday activities

A safe space to explore the only skill you need to develop a healthy stress management and peace of mind

Stress Breather resources & tools created for you to make it easy for you to start developing a daily Mindfulness routine

Prepare yourself for a treat

A few of the topics we’ll cover so you can shed the stress and embrace each day with calm, confidence, and optimism

What is actually stress, and how does it damage you

My go-to process for mastering the monkey mind and experiencing more calm and focus

Simple techniques and how to apply them in your daily life to ease stress and steer smoothly over future bumps in the road

The 3-min practice I’ve used to cultivate Mindfulness and Self-Awareness to help me overcome stressful situations

The biggest difference between trying to turn down your stress response by suppressing your thought patterns driven by daily stress and having a simple, cultivated Mindfulness routine can bring you more peace of mind (and the focus needed to create the life you want)

Why setting goals damages your piece of mind and how to change that using a more aligned & kind way to build a healthy stress management routine that supports you in creating what you really want

How to make sure you are contacting your emotions directly instead of your thoughts to help you turn down daily stress

BONUS: We will perform 3 short stress-reducing mindfulness exercises you can practice in less than 10 minutes a day

BONUS: A list of Stress Breather resources to make it easy for you to start developing a daily Mindfulness routine

Meet the facilitator

Meet the creator

Hey There! I'm Peppa

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Master Mindset and Wellness Coach, passionate entrepreneur, Business Mentor, and the creator of the Unfolded Life Project™

I support high-integrity intuitive humans, coaches, and entrepreneurs to explore, practice, and master the art of mindfulness, meditation and self-mastery so they unfold their infinite human potential and return to harmony and joy even when obstacles are temporarily housing their life flow.

And I genuinely believe that to experience more joy and happiness in your everyday life, you first must master the art of present moment awareness.


The Investment

One Time Payment


* Charged in USD, 20 % VAT will be added to the initial price for EU residents only!


  • Access to the Stress Breather Workshop Experience 
  • The Stress Breather Workbook – a journal-style workbook to assist you on this journey
  • The Stress Breather Tools & Activities to support you on this journey
  • Access to a private Members' area for the recordings of the workshop and additional resources
  • 3 Short Stress-Reducing Mindfulness Exercises – on the Workshop I will guide you through three mindfulness exercises  so you have a heads-on experience that will support your daily practice
Answers to Frequently asked Questions

how long should I practice to get the benefits? What If I don’t have much time?

That's a great question! As you will learn inside the Workshop, to cultivate Mindfulness into your life and experience the benefits, is a shift in your way of being. Which means, the longer you practice Mindfulness, the bigger the benefits you will experience. To make it easier for you, each of the included exercises takes no more than 5 minutes a day to perform. However, to build a sustainable routine and make Mindfulness a habit, I recommend to pick 1 or 2 of the exercises you'd like most and practice them for at least 21 days. That's the usual length to turn an action into a habit. 


You can access the Workshop recordings and the materials in your members' area for as long as the Workshop Experience is available online. Please, refer to the terms and conditions for details.

What If I Didn’t Like The Workshop?

Due to the digital nature of this workshop, I don't offer refunds at this time. All sales are final. With that said, if you have any issues or questions at all, I'm just one email away. Reach out to get support at


You are welcome to send me an email with your questions or concerns at any time here: