soulaligned workshop

Discover how to

Boost Your Long-Term Happiness And Inner Alignment To Manifest Your Reality Of Extraordinary Life

Boost Your Long-Term Happiness And Inner Alignment To Manifest Your Reality Of Extraordinary Life

soul aligned workshop

This workshop-style experience is packed with powerful transformational tools and practices of mindful (self) coaching to help you start making small-yet-noticeable shifts every day for living a life (and running a business) more aligned with more flow, ease, and joy.

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The Wonderful Things You’ll Discover Inside

How to tab into your inner knowing, so you get crystal clear on exactly what’s draining you in your current version of reality or business adventure model–and release it (or transmute it) for good

Deep dive inwards and learn how to tune into, listen and trust your intuition & soul’s guidance (instead of brushing it off, ignoring it, or telling yourself you’ll “get around to it later.”)

Get radically honest about what your soul is here to share (even if you’ve been scared to admit it or fuzzy about it up until now!)

Discover powerful tools to help you heal the painful wounds, old programming, and negative conditioning holding you back from living your true purpose and ways to magnetize what you truly desire in a way that feels safe to your nervous system so it actually sticks & becomes your

new normal.

Learn the 5 key markers you need to master that will help you ReCognize, ReConnect, ReAlign, and Unfold your infinite human potential so you can return to harmony and joy even when obstacles are temporarily housing your life flow.

And so much MORE…


to Deepen Your Experience and help you integrate What You've Learned

Bonus 1

The Soul-Aligned Tools & Activities

that will help you put what you've learned into action including the Soul-Aligned Workshop Workbook – a comprehensive 48 pages workbook–journal along with more tools and activities to support your journey.

Bonus 2

Guided meditations

Including a short Bell Meditation, Serenity Meditation, 3-Minute Breath Meditation, Square Breathing Meditation that will help you to deepen your understanding and support your practice so you can experience the benefits of mindful, soul-aligned living.

Bonus 3

bonus training

In this training, I go through five simple steps that will take back your day so you can experience more happiness and joy. Putting these steps into practice will help you get closer to that "being a coach or entrepreneur and running a soul-aligned business" life and freedom you are dreaming about.

Meet the facilitator


Hey There! I'm Peppa

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Master Mindset and Wellness Coach, passionate entrepreneur, Business Mentor, and the creator of the Unfolded Life Project™

I support high-integrity intuitive humans, coaches, and entrepreneurs to explore, practice, and master the art of mindfulness, meditation and self-mastery so they unfold their infinite human potential and return to harmony and joy even when obstacles are temporarily housing their life flow.

And I genuinely believe that to experience more joy and happiness in your everyday life, you first must master the art of present moment awareness.

meet the facilitator

The quick bullet list

What's Inside Of The Soul Aligned Workshop Experience

soul-aligned workshop mockup
  • The Soul-Aligned Workshop Recordings (2 hour-ish)
  • The Soul-Aligned Workshop Workbook – a comprehensive 48 pages workbook–journal to assist you on this journey
  • The Soul-Aligned Tools & Activities to help you on this journey
  • BONUS Training: 5 Steps to More Happiness and Joy (1 hour-ish), including Training Handouts
  • BONUS: Guided Bell Meditation Video + no guidance meditation audio
  • BONUS: Guided Serenity Meditation audio
  • BONUS: 3-Minute Guided Breath Meditation Video
  • BONUS: Square Breathing Guided Meditation Video

Get Access To The Workshop Experience PLUS Bonuses For $33 Only

the Workshop experience access

The Investment

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  • Access to the (On-Demand) Soul-Aligned Workshop Experience
  • Access to all Bonuses listed in the Bonus Section above
  • Access to a private Members Area for all the materials, video-recordings and meditation audios

No Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, I don't offer refunds at this time. All sales are final.

With that said, if you have any issues or questions at all, I'm just one email away. Reach out to get support at

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the Workshop Experience?

Upon payment, you'll get a sales confirmation and an email with the details on how to create your new member account to access the Members Area. If you have bought something from me and already have a member account, please, give the system a few minutes to unlock your access to the Workshop Experience in addition to the sales confirmation and welcome emails.

What if I've never practiced meditation?

That's absolutely okay. The Meditations I offer inside are really simple and include a useful explanation guide. Besides, we all have started our meditation journey with NO experience at all. ;)

If you like exploring more of mindfulness and meditation, I invite you to check out Intermission–a 30-Day Mindfulness Experience. It is designed to help you start your practice with easy and simple exercises and meditations for 10-15 minutes daily.

How long have I access to the Workshop Experience?

You can access the Workshop and the materials in your members' area for as long as the Workshop Experience is available online. Please, refer to the terms and conditions for details.

What if I have more questions about the Workshop Experience?

You are welcome to send me an email with your questions or concerns at any time here: