Your Seat For The Advaced Private Training 'Your Way Past 6K' Is Confirmed

A Welcome Letter with details for the private training is on its way to your inbox as we speak...

please, read thoroughly...

Here’s what to do next

#1: CHECK EMAIL FOR CONFIRMATION & Access Instructions

You will receive a confirmation email withing the next 5 minutes with a welcome letter and instructions on how to access the Live private training.

Having trouble receiving the welcome email & instructions? I've got you covered! Please, check your spam folder (or if you're a Gmail user, your Promo folder, or any other weird folder too)! Not there? Don't worry. Just send a quick note to, and I'll take care of it as quickly as possible.



The LIVE Private Training will happen on Tuesday, June 14th on Zoom. 

So, in the confirmation email you will find the link to the Zoom Room and how to add the date to the training straight into your calendar.


That’s why it is important to watch out your inbox. Make sure to add my email address to your address book, move the email to your primary inbox folder, or whatever is necessary for receiving the emails inclusing training reminders and replay availability.

#3: Have Qs about the training?


You have 3 options to reach out to me:

#1 Send an email at

#2 Hit the replay button on the confirmation email

#3 Send me DM on Instagram® at @PeppaGeorgieff

... and let me know how I can help you

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