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Ever wanted to start practicing mindfulness but didn’t know where to start?

what is mindfulness training

Free training

Ever wanted to start practicing mindfulness but didn’t know where to start?

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What You Will discover

In this training, I talk about the psychology of mindfulness, the concept of the monkey mind, and the most important foundation for practicing mindfulness.

You will discover the repeating cycle of mindfulness and how to guide your attention back to what is in front of you when your mind begins to wander (which will happen inevitably.)

During the training I will guide you through a 3-minute mindfulness breathing meditation exercise so you can deepen your understanding of the cycle.

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Hey, there!
I'm Peppa

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Master Mindset and Wellness Coach, passionate entrepreneur, Business Mentor, and the creator of the Unfolded Life Project™

I support high-integrity intuitive humans, coaches, and entrepreneurs to explore, practice, and master the art of mindfulness, meditation and self-mastery so they unfold their infinite human potential and return to harmony and joy even when obstacles are temporarily housing their life flow.

And I genuinely believe that to experience more joy and happiness in your everyday life, you first must master the art of present moment awareness.